Our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive.
Our specialty is not specializing.

Lets be honest, boot camps, “boxes” and gyms are popping up everywhere and you are confused about where to sign up, how much membership is, if you are “fit” enough to do the workouts, or maybe you are intimidated by all the weights. The thing is, you are asking the wrong questions. Its about the experience, the quality and knowledge of the coaches, and YOUR goals being met. We specialize in all things fitness. Powerlifiting, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Boot Camps, Olympic Weightlifting, Spartan Training, Sport Specific Training for athletes, and Cross Training.


Free Week Trial

When you come in we will sit with you and discuss how we can change your life and  get you where YOU want to be.

Toning vs. Bulking

We get calls all the time from females that are worried they will get “buff”.  This is one of the biggest misconceptions about lifting weights in general.  Again, this also depends on what YOU are trying to accomplish.

Different Levels

We have several different programs that can cater to anyones fitness style.   Our clients consist of Pro Athletes, Beginners to fitness, Individuals with Disabilities, Weight Management, and your average Joe/Jane.


Have Passion?

Our passion is to make you a stronger individual mentally and physically to take on anything in life.   We believe in community and team. We will push your body to its limits and will make you stronger mentally and physically.


We offer discounted membership for Active Military, Fire FightersLaw Enforcement, College StudentsHigh School Students, and Teachers!

Our Memberships


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From: $95 / month


  • 20 pack class $175 does not expire
  • Boot Camp $10/class
  • Sports Clinic $75 per month
  • OCR Training $25/class
  • Powerlifting Programming $125